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de Chris Ryan

Suite au succès de nombreuses séries photo de notre photographe, la société Hachette s’est rapprochée de NAELI afin d’acheter une image pour la couverture du nouveau livre de Chris Ryan, auteur anglophone à succès, de la saga Strikeback.

“John Porter, hero of the original ​Strikeback​ novel and TV series returns in an exciting adventure, when old enemies attack the SAS.


1999. A bitterly cold morning in the Brecon Beacons, and the soldiers trying out for SAS Selection are preparing to face their toughest test yet. Overseeing the soldiers is John Porter: once a promising young Blade, now a broken man and a drunk, seeing out his days in the Regiment Training Wing.

But before the Fan Dance can begin, six masked gunmen carry out a devastating attack. Dozens of soldiers are killed. In the aftermath of the massacre, and with a government desperate for action, Porter and another surviving operator, John Bald, are taken to a secretive briefing in London. Their orders – to hunt down and kill those responsible for the attack.

What follows is a deadly game of kill or be killed as Bald and Porter lead a Strike Team across Europe on a blood-soaked mission of revenge. But as they draw closer to their ultimate target, the men discover that there is a greater threat – much closer to home… ”